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Customer Service

An international 3PL firm to depend on.


Trust, dependability and credibility mean the world to our clients – and that’s the basis of the relationship we want to have with you and your business.

High level customer service is central to our work. We ensure that our team knows your business processes inside out.

Our aim is to deliver not only your goods – right place, right time – but also the highest standards of service in our dealings with you. By doing so, you get customer satisfaction yourself and from your own clients too.

We will take care of your e-commerce, order fulfilment and shipping needs. You get a genuine partner in your business with a safe pair of hands.

With, you will have:

Scalable, adaptable services to match your business size and growth.

An agile, highly experienced e-commerce, order fulfilment and 3PL team.

On the ground presence and expertise across key strategic continents.


Every package or product we handle gets treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We underpin this ethos with service level guarantees and commitments: if a very rare occasion arises where we let you down by mishandling your package or product, our policy is to refund courier fees and the cost of our service where applicable in line with our Service Level Agreement with you.

We’re just a phone call away, and we answer, because ultimately, we work for you.

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